I graduated with honors from the Johns Hopkins University in May 2014 with degrees in Economics, Applied Mathematics & Statistics and Entrepreneurship & Management. I have 2 years of experience in digital marketing analytics and am currently studying to become a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University. 

My Story

Naturopathic medicine aims to provide individuals with the knowledge, therapeutic methods and natural substances to put the body in a state of healing and illness prevention in order to reach optimal health and life-long vitality – taking a holistic approach to wellness rather than simply a treatment of symptoms of illness or disease. I understand the intensive effort, focus and dedication required to be a successful naturopathic physician and I am strongly motivated with a passion to make a difference in the medical profession.

Graduating in the top ten percent of my high school, I was a member of the Cum Laude Society and National Honor Society. My senior year of high school, I received all A’s in five college-level AP courses, while also serving as Miss New Hampshire Teen USA and preparing for the national Miss Teen USA competition.  As Miss New Hampshire Teen USA, I served as a state ambassador, role model to teens and spokesperson for causes. More specifically, I used my title to establish my own non-profit organization, ‘Library in Laos,’ where I raised two thousand dollars to fund the construction of a library in Laos in order to promote childhood literacy. It was on a mission trip to a poor village in Udon Thani, Thailand where I discovered my true purpose. During this mission trip, I witnessed a side of the world that not many have the opportunity to see. While teaching English at schools and assisting at orphanages, I decided that I wanted to provide greater access to the very resources that allow children the equal opportunity to succeed, with a focus on health and wellness. Sufficient focus and work ethic, along with a passion to make a difference were required in this endeavor.

In college, I went on to study Economics with minors in both Applied Mathematics & Statistics and Entrepreneurship & Management. I was honored to be a recipient of a four-year merit-based scholarship determined on the basis of academic excellence, personal achievement and leadership qualities and awarded to only 1.5% of undergraduates. I graduated with Honors while working part-time and also completing several internships. This allowed me to jump into my first job out of college at a digital marketing agency in data analytics. Not only did I provide analytics to our clients, but I also developed an information product that allows marketers to run an analysis on social media’s impact on consideration, conversion and return on investment using Google Analytics.  While I enjoyed my experience in digital marketing, I am determined to achieve the level of fulfillment that I experienced as a titleholder promoting global childhood literacy.  While I have enjoyed my experience in digital marketing, I wish to change my focus and redirect my talents in order to advance my earlier heartfelt desire to help children around the world gain access to a good education and accessible healthcare.  

I strongly feel that there is a significant opportunity in today’s society to utilize digital marketing, leadership capabilities and data analytics, in conjunction with the highest quality medical education in order to reach people on a large scale. My skills and experience, along with my deep-rooted passion in naturopathic medicine will help me to achieve this goal at Bastyr University. I have always had such an appreciation for naturopathic medicine and the substantial impact that it can make on the quality of life of many.

Ultimately, my dream is to change the lives of millions by efficiently providing resources to help others achieve optimal health. Therefore, in addition to working with patients one-on-one, I would also like to make tools and resources accessible for all individuals to achieve this level of vitality. My vision is make a large-scaled impact and thus, have the ability to reach the people who need it the most regardless of economic status. I am grateful for the opportunity to study naturopathic medicine at the leading institution for natural health sciences in order to achieve these goals.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience the invaluable benefits that naturopathic medicine can provide. Since I was first introduced to naturopathic medicine, there have been innumerable positive outcomes for the health of my loved ones. It is for this reason that I am so passionate about naturopathic medicine.